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tv   ABC World News  ABC  July 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." the democratic convention on deck, but first, the rollout. hillary clinton introduces her running mate, as donald trump introduces a new nickname. plus, hacked e-mails that may show democrats' dirty tricks. deadly heat wave, at least eight deaths. temperatures that feel like triple digits. heat alerts tonight from coast to coast, and the fire out west. 100-foot flames threatening thousands of homes. mall massacre, chilling new details about the gunman who killed nine people, including seven teens. the crimes here in the u.s. that possibly inspired him, and the bait police say he put on facebook to lure his victims. pool dangers, the new warning tonight about what may be in the water. what you need to know before taking the plunge. and, catching pirates.
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how two crime-fighting teens used one high tech gizmo to stop a pair of crooks and get their boat back. look out, hardy boys. sfloo good evening and welcome to "world news tonight." i'm tom llamas. cecilia is on the campaign trail tonight. we are following several big stories. a nationwide heat wave, those conditions helping fuel this wildfire near los angeles that quadrupled in size overnight. we want to begin tonight with what may be a pivotal moment in the 2016 race now less than 48 hours from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. hillary clinton introducing her running mate, tim kaine, this afternoon at a rally in florida. a critical battle ground in her race against donald trump. and trump wasting no time, unleashing a tweet storm. let's start with cecilia tonight in florida with the new ticket. >> reporter: the name of that ticket right there on those freshly painted signs, and on
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that stage, hillary clinton and tim kaine together for the first time as running mates. clinton introducing her pick to the country -- >> make no mistake, behind that smile, tim also has a backbone of steel. just ask the nra. >> reporter: the virginia senator and former governor who was passed over for the v.p. job by president obama 8 years ago, this time beat out 23 other candidates. today in miami, the microphone catching clinton cheering kaine on, telling him, go get 'em. >> go get 'em. >> reporter: kaine's spanish learned when he was a missionary in honduras on full display. [ speaking spanish ] the other pluses he brings to the ticket? from his years in the senate, the national security and foreign policy experience clinton wanted, he could also help bring much needed white male voters to her side. >> while we're on the subject of taxes, where are donald trump's tax returns?
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>> reporter: kaine already assuming the role of attack dog against donald trump -- >> do you want a you're fired president or a you're hired president? >> reporter: today trump unveiling his new nickname for the newest member of the ticket. trump calling him corrupt kaine and a career politician. trump also tweeting, "just saw crooked hillary and tim kaine together. isis and our enemies are drooling. they don't look presidential to me." clinton quickly coming to her new partner's defense. >> senator tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. >> cecilia vega joins us from miami. cecilia, tim kaine has described himself as a boring guy. what was the reaction inside that hall? >> reporter: hillary clinton has said tim kaine being boring doesn't matter to her. inside this hall i can tell you 5,000 people, they certainly did not think tim kaine was boring
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today. they were energized by him today. they loved the fact that he spoke so much spanish here in miami. before tim kaine and hillary clinton hit the campaign trail together once again, he said he's got big plans for tomorrow, tom. he is going to church with his family. >> cecilia, thank you. i want to bring in jon karl. jon, clinton's selection of tim kaine has a lot to do with the electoral map when it comes to trying to beat trump. >> reporter: that was a key factor, tom. virginia is central to their electoral strategy. tim kaine is popular in virginia. in fact, he has run for office eight times there, and he has never lost. and tom, there's no accident that this announcement was in florida. the clinton team believes that if they can win florida and virginia, they've won the election. >> jon karl tonight from philadelphia, jon, thank you. meantime, donald trump tonight seizing on a controversy brewing for democrats after thousands of leaked e-mas showed democratic party officials possibly plotting
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against bernie sanders in his race against hillary clinton. and as abc's mary bruce reports, a response tonight from the sanders' campaign. >> reporter: tonight, a major snag on the road to party unity. wikileaks releasing nearly 20,000 internal dnc e-mails, including some that appear to show efforts to undercut the rise of bernie sanders. in one, a communications official considers pushing the narrative that "bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess." in another, a top official wonders "can we get someone to ask his belief. does he believe in a god?" adding, "my southern baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a jew and an atheist." the response, an "amen." from the start sanders voiced concerns that the scale was tipped in clinton's favor. it was even the butt of jokes. >> remember all those states like wyoming where you beat me by a lot but then i still got most of the delegates?
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>> oh, my god, that was so stupid. it's rigged! >> it's so rigged! >> reporter: tonight, sanders' supporters are furious. his campaign manager telling abc it's a "clear example of the dnc taking sides" and that "somebody has to be held accountable." tonight, still no response from sanders himself, but this is exactly the kind of tension the party was hoping to avoid here with the convention less than 48 hours away. tom? >> not a good story coming going into that convention. tomorrow on "this week," a big show and a big interview. bernie sanders with george on the eve of the democratic convention. and we will have complete coverage of the democratic convention all week. "world news tonight," "nightline" and "good morning america" all live from philadelphia and then a network special every night at 10:00 p.m. eastern and gavel to gavel coverage on our online live stream channel. we want to turn to that deadly heat wave that has more than 100 million americans sweltering this weekend. the extreme heat prompting alerts tonight from coast to
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coast, dangerous outdoor conditions, the heat index pushing well into triple digits. this little girl trying to cool down in washington d.c. where it felt like 106 degrees today. and the hot, dry conditions fueling wildfires. more than 20 large fires burning across the west, including the sand fire near los angeles, growing four times overnight. the forecast in a moment, but first abc's eva pilgrim on this dangerous heat wave. >> reporter: tonight, 100 million americans from california to new york caught in a dangers he wave. >> heat exhaustion, heat stroke, patient is intubated. temperature 102. >> reporter: in phoenix, arizona, a 12-year-old rushed to the hospital, died after a day hiking. at least eight people across the country in the last week have died due to the heat includidina 70-year-old memphis pastor who didn't have ac in his home. >> we think he was overtaken by the heat. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, emergency crews say they are getting three times more calls for heat issues.
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in little rock, arkansas where it feels like 114 today, emergency rooms are filling up. >> we've started to see an increase and that's just continuing. >> reporter: nurses going door to door to check on patients. >> air conditioning, do we have that on? >> reporter: even before you get in the car, this door handle, 111 degrees. >> reporter: shavonne ladonis from atlanta, no stranger to the heat, sweltering in the northeast right now. >> the humidity you don't get up here but the temperature is just hot. >> reporter: it's mid 90s here in new york but it's a dry heat. in other east coast cities, the humidity really amping up the discomfort level making it feel like triple digits. tom? >> it is hot out there. eva, thank you. these conditions fueling powerful wildfires out west, and the race is on to control one fire near los angeles. abc's phillip mena on the fire line tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the race to contain this fast-moving wildfire north of los angeles. hundreds forced to evacuate
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their homes. >> they gave us a voluntary evacuation and then shortly after that they gave us a mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: 300 firefighters on the ground and choppers attacking this blaze from above. the flames massive, producing plumes of smoke, cloaking much of the city. extremely dry conditions, and winds over 20 mills an hour fanning the inferno. >> what we saw last night rs what we typically see at 2:00 in the afternoon. fire whirls. >> reporter: fire officials say the fire started near this highway at 2:00 p.m. friday. by 10:00 p.m. 3,000 acres engulfed. this fire is moving very quickly. the flames have already jumped from one side of the road to the other. 11,000 acres now charred. and it's only 10% contained. and if the wind shifts, 45,000 homes could be in the danger zone. and these flames are not the only thing that firefighters here are battling. they're also fighting through triple digit temperatures.
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this is the hottest weekend of the year here. tom? >> phillip mena for us tonight, phillip, thank you. abc's rob marciano is in central park with more on the extreme heat. rob, any relief on the way? >> not for a while, tom. this is a widespread nearly coast to coast heat wave under way, dominating the weather map. a dome of high pressure, almost pressure cooking the atmosphere across the lower 48. we've got thunderstorms underneath and above it. severe thunderstorm watch for chicago and parts of the northeast this evening. meanwhile, the hot west continues. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow but still tough for firefighters. the heat and humidity continues oppressive across the midsection of the country. feeling nearly 100 everywhere and the heat only builds across the northeastern cities. look at monday, tuesday into wednesday. these are actual high temperatures. this is a long duration heat event that's going to take a toll on people and infrastructure for the northeast. likely the longest and hottest three-day stretch or five-day
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stretch i should say in nearly three years. tom? >> people got to be careful out there. rob, thank you. next tonight we move overseas and disturbing new details tonight about the 18-year-old gunman who opened fire at a popular shopping mall in munich, germany, killing nine, including seven teenagers. authorities believe the shooter studied mass shootings in this country and may have had a facebook account to lure victims to his rampage. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: new revelations tonight about the attacker's dark obsession with mass shootings. authorities raiding his apartment and finding a book on school shootings, including columbine and virginia tech. the first images of friday's attack showing the gunman outside of mcdonald's, firing the passers by. authorities now investigating whether he hacked a facebook page and lured people there with promises of free food before
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shooting nine people and killing himself. thamina stoll was on her way to the mall when it struck. he filmed from the balcony. >> it was so surreal. i immediately started calling all of my friends and family. i had to know that they were safe. i didn't know where my brother was for the longest time, but he was safe, too. i can't even find words. it's just horrible. >> reporter: the gunman now identified as an 18-year-old german-iranian student born in munich. the authorities ruling out terror ties, saying he received psychiatric care for depression. seven of the nine murdered were teenagers, going to the mall like any other teens around the world. at least ten of the wounded are in critical condition tonight. german chancellor, angela merkel called the attack a night of horror and vowed to get to the bottom of the gunman's motive. tom? >> a night of horror is right. alex, thank you. now to afghanistan and a deadly suicide bombing in kabul. targeting what had been a peaceful demonstration, 80 people dead, hundreds wounded. isis claiming responsibility. their first attack in that nation's capital.
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the white house condemning the violence rocking that city tonight. back here in the states and to baton rouge where one of the three officers killed last week in a targeted attack on police was laid to rest. more than 1,000 people, family and fellow law enforcement paying respects at the funeral of sheriff's deputy brad garafola. he was killed in crossfire as he tried to save another deputy. the service follows the funeral baton rouge police officer matthew gerald, the third officer killed. mon trel jackson will be buried on monday. next to florida and new questions about a controversial police shooting. an unarmed therapist who was trying to help a man with autism, that man's family speaking out tonight. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> please don't shoot! please don't! please! >> reporter: the man sitting on the ground is arnoldo rios soto. a 26-year-old with autism. his family telling abc news he's traumatized. >> he's not sleeping appropriately.
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he's having night terrors. he's scared. >> reporter: soto's therapist, charles kinsey, lying down with hands up, is heard on this video explaining the object in soto's hand is not a weapon. >> all he has is a toy truck in his hand, a toy truck. i am a behavior therapist at a group home. >> reporter: officer jonathan alleda shooting kinsey in the leg. the policeman saying he was trying to protect kinsey and was actually aiming at soto, thinking he was a threat. kinsey's attorney questioning that claim. >> if i'm an officer and make a mistake and shoot an individual, the last thing i'm going to do is throw handcuffs on him. >> reporter: alleda releasing a statement saying in part, i took this job to save lives and help people. i did what i had to do. tonight officer aledda is on paid administrative leave, and now a second officer is suspended without pay as city officials investigate whether he fabricated part of the police report. tom? >> marci, thank you. there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this saturday.
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before you dive into that water, the warning tonight for pool-goers. especially in this broiling hot weather. plus rescue at sea, the wild scramble to abandon ship when a tugboat catches fire. and why charles manson and his cult followers who once terrorized a nation are back in the news tonight. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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6:48 pm
the intestinal illness is caused by a parasite known as crypto. the cdc finding almost 80% of places reviewed had at least one health or safety violation. one in eight so serious, it resulted in immediate closure. kiddie pools fairing the worst. swimmers are familiar with the health problems. >> sinus infections, allergies, swollen eyes, pink eye, sore throat, strep throat. >> reporter: before diving in, one physical thing you can look for, can you see the bottom of the pool? if not, if the water is too cloudy, that's a concern. >> we use five of this. >> reporter: high summer temperatures and sun bring more danger, killing the chlorine in a pool faster. experts recommend finding out how often the water is tested. >> how often are your pools be checked. >> what's the answer? >> every couple hours at a maximum. >> reporter: keeping the pool clean also depends on the public. lauren lyster, abc news, los
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angeles. >> lauren, thank you. up next, imagine coming home to this. home sweet home, steamrolled by a bulldozer. what police are saying tonight about what happened here. and do you like the shirt little prince george was wearing in those birthday photos? you're not alone. the frenzy of sales fit for a king. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once ony available in doctors' office. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity, and helps you get back to things like this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. check your sunday paper for up to $18 in savings.
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it took rescuers hours to extinguish the blaze. to so far. no injuries reported. and more jail time ahead for a manson family member. leslie van houten denied parole again. the youngest charles manson follower convicted in the helter skelter murder spree back in 1969. she was 19 at the time, 66 now. california governor jerry brown overturning the parole board recommendation for her release. her lawyers say she will try again. in a showdown between a house and a bulldozer, the bulldozer won. the site here in denver no homeowner ever wants to see. this was not supposed to happen. police say the bulldozer driver had some sort of medical problem. luckily nobody was home when it happened. the clothing manufacturer cleaning up thanks to the palace. cashing in royally on that shirt worn by prince george in those birthday portraits just released. the little shirt made by the
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tell your healthcare professional about your medications, including migraine, psychiatric and depression medications to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. increased risk of bleeding or bruising may occur especially if taken with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. finally tonight, two unlikely young crime fighters and their sidekick drone now have a story to take back to school in september. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: armed with only a drone and a healthy dose of youthful enthusiasm, chris harris and his friend nick garlock went in hot pursuit for a pair of boat thieves. from an island north of seattle. they captured this video with
6:58 pm
the drone going nearly 50 miles per hour. on the trail of the pair who had just stolen that speed boat and a second boat, their zodiac. >> it's every kid's dream to fight crime and use super powers and we got to do that. >> your super power was a drone? >> exactly. >> reporter: the two say they heard a boat engine early in the morning, looked outside and saw their boat being taken. capturing the moment with a cell phone. while nick called police, chris took off with his drone and chased them down. the drone was flying close enough at the time that the thieves likely knew they were being followed, but chris and nick zeroed in with gps and told police. officers arrested a husband and wife on first degree theft. chris and nick finished off their excellent adventure, getting their boat back, a picture with police, and a summer vacation tale worthy of bragging rights. neal karlinsky, abc news, camano island, washington. >> neal, thank you. "gma" and "world news tonight" from philadelphia. i'm tom llamas. have a good evening. good night.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm erin o'hearn. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> we're making history. we're getting ready for the democratic national convention! >> there's something everywhere you look. >> we check out the party scene. hats, t shirts, mugs >> shop for campaign swag >> little piece of the white house here. stop by a famous political haunt. >> learn the candidate's cocktail favorites. >> now it's time to eat and philadelphia magazine's picks for best restaurants. >> hi everybody, and welcome to our fyi philly dnc special >> we are at the national constitution center on independence mall. >> this is the hub for political fest, a one of a kind festival that let's everyone in the city get in on the convention action. >> and speaking of action, with the convention set to get underway monday, this place is abuzz with activity. >> and the city has been working for more than a year to get guest ready. >> the dnc will host its 2016 democratic national convention in the city of brotherly love, the wonderful city of philadelphia (cheers). >> it's been 17 months since


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